I came to Lee's acupuncture clinic one month ago, hardly could move with a huge back pain.  After 5 session I felt fantastic! It helped totally despite opinion of conventional doctors. If you have problem with your back,  come to Lee's acupuncture clinic,  do not hesitate!                                              
                                                                              - F  Sichon,   Mission -

     Before coming to Lee's acupuncture clinic, I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  I had been seeing a rheumatologist in Vancouver, BC  and he had prescribed 3 different arthritis drugs to help improve mobility and to lessen the amount of pain I was feeling.
Even with the drugs I continued to have problems and pain.
      My daughter suggested that I try acupuncture  and maybe he could help with acupuncture.  He has helped immensely, I have been able to stop taking all medications and now take only Tylenol when needed for pain.
   Thank you  Dr. Bin Lee.
                                                                               - C  Boucher, Agassiz -
Before seeing Dr Lee, I was unable to bend over due to a pinched sciatica which I have had for the last 2 yrs.  I had back surgery and that didn't work. After 10 sessions, I can bend over pick up things with no effort. 
  Dr Lee has a good bedside mannor as well. I highly recommend Dr Lee for lower back pain.
                                                                                - Merla  L.   Abbotsford -

I awoke with terrible jaw pain. I immediately thought I had a serious dental issue.  I needed to take 2000mg of Ibuprofen every day to make the pain lessen.  The dentist took many x-rays and found no dental issues.  I then went to the walk in clinic. The doctor thought I had an ear infection. He prescribed ear drops.  The pain persisted.  My mother suggested I go see  Dr.Lee as he had helped her through a lot of pain.
   I saw Dr. Lee,  he thought I might have TMJ(a jaw infection).  Within 2 treatments my pain had dimminished by 1/2.  Within  4 or 5 treatments the pain was completely gone.  I found the acupuncture treatments fascinating & completely successful.   
   Thanks Dr. Lee.
                                                                        - Colleen  G.    Chilliwack -