We Also Treat (in alphabetical order)

-Abdominal pain (chronic or acute).

-Accident related injuries
-Anger management
-Bleeding (nose, internal organ, eyes, urine)
-Ears problem (Tinnitus, dry ears, itch ears, ect.)
-Eye problem (floaters, blurred vision, dry, runny, red and painful eye.)
-Gum disease
-Heart burn.
-High blood pressure
-Itchiness ( whole body, partly)
-Muscle cramps and leg pain
-Muscular atrophy
-Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)
-Numbness (hands, legs, half body, whole body)

-Sinus problems
-Stroke (prevention & after stroke)
-Skin problems
-Sweating disorders
-Tiredness (chronic)
-Thyroid treatment

Disorders during pregnancy
-Breech baby
-Prevention of miscarriage

-Uterine bleeding
-Morning sickness

Disorders after birth and during pregnancy

-Heavy discharge
-Prolapse of Uterus

-Uterine Bleeding
-Women's urinary incontinence.
What We treat
Effectively Treated Disorders

Headache; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain;  Whiplash;

Internal Problems:

Bell's Palsy;  IBS; Fibromyalgia;  Tinnitus;
Hernia (Hiatal, Inguinal, ect);  RA;
Epilepsy;  Trembling (body, neck, hands)
Diarrhea (chronic);  Asthma;

Mood Disorders:

Depression;  Anxiety;  Chronic Fatigue;

Dermatological Disorders:

Hives (urticaria);  Singles;


Infertility;  PMS;  Menopause;  Cramping;  
Amenorrhea (no period);

Children's Health Care:

Autism; ADD; ADHD;  Brain Damage from Birth;

Unknown weird disorders: